X-Men Origins Wolverine is the Wolverine-Centric toyline based on the feature film of the [name].

Movie SeriesEdit

  •  Logan
  •  Wolverine
  •  Sabretooth
  •  Premium Wolverine (Wal Mart Exclusive)
  •  Premium Sabretooth (Wal Mart Exclusive)

Comic SeriesEdit

Wave 1Edit

  • Gambit
  • Logan
  • Sabretooth
  • Strike Mission Wolverine
  • Weapon X
  •  Brown Costume Wolverine
  • Classic Wolverine

Wave 2Edit

  • Cyclops  
    * Iceman
  • Unmasked Wolverine

Wave 3Edit

  • Colossus
  • Wolverine (Tank Top)

Deluxe FiguresEdit

  • Blob and Sabretooth
  • Deadpool with Missle Cannon
  • Weapon X with Stasis Chamber
  • Wolverine and Colossus

Vehicles and ExclusivesEdit

  •   Wolverine Cruiser
  •   X Chariot
  • Logan with Motorcycle


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