Klaw was a superhuman criminal in the Marvel Universe toyline and continuity family.

Klaw, once known by the name of Ulysses Klaw, turned to a life of crime after obtaining a vibranium which he used to amplify sound into a focused weapon- often at Black Panther and the Fantastic Four.


Klaw has atempted to invade Wakanda for it's Vibranium in the past, but he was stopped by the Black Panther. He also took place in the Secret Wars on Battleworld, at the beginning of which, he was imprisoned on the ship of the world-eating Galactus. He would eventually be released from the ship by Dr. Doom, who recruited him into the villain's army, along whom Klaw served until he returned to Earth with the other villains and heroes.


Klaw & Captain America- Secret Wars Comic Packs #1Edit

As part of the first wave of comic packs, Klaw comes with Captain America and the first issue of the Secret Wars 12 issue mini-series. He is a retool and redeco of the Wave 3 Black Suit Spider-Man but with a new right arm and head. His articulation includes a balljoint head, ab-crunch, balljoint hips, double-hinged knees, ball-hinge ankles, ball-hinge elbows, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, and a swivel left wrist. Unlike most Secret Wars figures Klaw is not so bright he looks instantly identifiable as a 70's or 80's storyline character when lined up with the other Marvel Universe figures, likely because it is unlikley we will be getting another Klaw in the series. Ironicly, Klaw does not appear in the comic that he is packed in, or even the first half of the Secret Wars mini-series.


  • Klaw's S.H.I.E.L.D. file number is 6677478r.