He KNOWS he speaks in image captions...

Wade Wilson was a powerful mercenary with enhanced strength, speed, stamina, and a regenrative healing factor, though the nature of said power is unstable. Deadpool uses an unknown means to teleport and wields an arsenal that would even make Frank Castle jealous, including dual katanas, pistols, rifles, knives, sais, grenades, a massive energy cannon, and a robotic sheep with a built in laser cannon. He will never shut up, ever. Not that anyone's complaining.


Deadpool was taken by the Weapon X program, but was deemed a failure: despite gaining an unstable healing factor he was deemed mentally unstable. After escaping Weapon X, he became a mercenary, doing anything for anyone- as long as they could pay his fees. Later he would gain the abillity to teleport, the means by which he does so is unknown.

Deadpool is known for escalation, it's just in his nature. When his foe pulls out a knife, he uses a sword. When his foe pulls out a gun, Deadpool grabs a World War 2 era Howitzer, and when his foe has a missile launcher, Deadpool pulls out a missile launcher that's even bigger and fires two missiles.

On many occasions Deadpool has fought against and alongside Wolverine and the X-Men, most notably Cable. His long history with the mutants led to Archangel and Wolverine recruiting him as a member of X-Force.


Deadpool- Origins: Comic SeriesEdit

Deapool 09 1

Damn it Deadpool, we just fixed that 4th wall!

The first Deadpool figure was a new sculpt like every other figure in the first X-Men Origins: Wolverine toyline. Deadpool has the most accesories from any other figure in the Marvel Universe series, coming packed in with two katanas that can be stores in tthe scabbards on his back, a handgun hat fits into the holster on his leg, a rifle that can be stored on his harness, and a massivly oversized sai that also can store the harness. Deadpool's articulation includes- ball-joint head, ball-chest (restricted), ball-hinge elbows, ball-hinge shoulders, swivel wrists, ball hinge legs, swivel thighs, double-jointed knees and hinged ankles. Despie all this many fans complain about the massivly oversized scabbards on his back, as well as one of his hand bieng to large to hold his sword, so he can only hold one at a time, but this problem can easily be fixed with the clear rubber bands used to pack in most Hasbro figures or with the hot-water trick. This Deadpool figure had the worst scalping in the entire series, making him rarer than any other figure. Hasbro toyshop would sell out in minutes and online prices could go anywhere from $50.00- $100.00 American dollars at best! Deadpool has been one of the most criticaly acclaimed figures of the Hasbro 3 3/4" Marvel toylines, often bieng shown off in magazines like Toyfare and Wizard.

Deadpool- Origins Deluxe seriesEdit

Deadpool 09 2

Sadly, not a WW2-Era Howitzer. Or a robotic Sheep

The Deluxe series of X-Men Origins figures includes a retool of the original Deadpool, with a new head, neckpiece, smaller sheaths, and a massive energy cannon that can fire a couple missiles. He has lost most of his original accesories such as the guns and sai. His articulation includes- ball-joint head, ball-chest (restricted), ball-hinge elbows, ball-hinge shoulders, swivel wrists, ball hinge legs, swivel thighs, double-jointed knees and hinged ankles. He fits into the massive cannon by sliding into the underside, where a large hole is cut out to accomodate him. This figure is much more stylizied to resemble the often cartoon like porportions the figure is displayed with. Similar to the single card Deadpool figure, Deluxe Deadpool was extremley hard to find, even more so than the other Wolverine deluxe series figures, though he was never scalped as bad as his single-card brother.

Deadpool- Marvel Universe X-Force Team PackEdit

A redeco of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine Comic Series figure, Deadpool is repainted in X-Force team colors and comes with his swords and handgun. He is packed alongside a repack of Marvel Universe Warpath and a repaint of a Wolverine figure to represent his X-Force costume.

Dead Pool- Handful of HeroesEdit

Handfull Deadpool

Deadpool toys- now in gum form!

Deadpool was a figure in the Handful of Heroes sub-line, which contained roughly 20 sculpts, all repainted with major retooling to represent other characters in a 2" scale. The Deadpool figure was a transluctant red and had a revealed Wade Wilson head. Deadpool was retolled into Nick Fury. His name is oddly spelt as Dead Pool on the checklist pack-in. Because they are both from wave 1, it can be argued whether Deadpool or Nick Fury is the original mold, but changes from Fury to Deadpool include- shortening one rifle into a handgun, adding swords on his back, a new belt and a new head. We did say major retooling.


  • Deadpool is often considered one of the hardest characters to obtain a toy of in the Universe series.
  • The Deadpool of the Origins: Wolverine film is considered a diffrent continuity. The figures here are a part of Universe continuity because they are comic-inspired, not film.