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Black Panther is a superhero in the Universe toyline and continuity family. If this is not the Black Panther you were looking for, see Black Panther (disambiguation)

Black Panther is a proud and powerful ruler of Wakanda, a country he loves with all his heart and defends with all his strength. His influence and power have allowed him to become well known amongst other countries, most of whom acknowledge him as a foreign diplomat. This has led him to become good friends with a number of other superheroes, including Iron Man.


T'Challa is the ruler of the small African nation of Wakanda, home of the world's biggest supply of Vibranium Alloy. He is the latest in the ancient line of Black Panthers, who defend Wakanda from their invaders. His mind and body have been enhanced by a infusion of a secret heart-shaped herb that enhanced his physical strength and agillity, coupled with his bullet-proof Panther suit with a high-tech cloaking abillity that blends with the shadows, and can generate energy claws that slash through any material.

Tony Stark considers T'Challa a good friend and as director of S.H.I.E.L.D., he gives the Panther the full support of his troops and resources to aid in it's defense, and has given him diplomatic immunity. Klaw was known to have attacked Wakanda, but was defeated.


Black Panther- Marvel Universe Wave 1Edit

As part of the first wave of the Marvel Universe series, Black Panther is a redeco of the Punisher, with a new headsculpt and lower arms and legs, although one could see it as the other way around. He has 14 points of articulation, balljoint head, swivel waist, balljoint hips, ball-hinge knees, ball-hinge ankles, ball-hinge shoulders, ball-hinge elbows, swivel wrists. Black Panther includes a Gaun Dao weapon accesory with a brown stick and silver blade, which he can wield in his right hand, as his left hand is molded in the shape of a massivly oversized "slashing" hand- fitting for his character.

Black Panther & Iron Man- Two-PacksEdit

Black Panther is a new upcoming figure based on his more regal appearances and features a cape. He comes along side an Iron Man figure and is exclusive to Target.

Black Panther- Handful of HeroesEdit

Handful of Heroes Black Panther is a small unarticulated 2" figure cast in a smokey black/grey color. The Panther figure is in a crouching postions with his hands drawn out to the side as if he were about to pounce or just landed after a jump. Like all Handful of Heroes figures he has at least three versions- solid smokey black, clear smokey black and clear smokey black with glitter. The figure is based on his more royal appearances and incudes his cape.


  • Black Panther is identified in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Database as File #0917072v.
  • During the Civil War Black Panther registerd with the SRA.